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MORRISTOWN, TN MARCH, 22 2020 – InnerDigitial, a leading provider of managed IT services, voice and web solutions, announced it will be offering complimentary video conferencing services to organizations completely free of charge for the next 6 months. The offer has been released in the wake of the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, which has forced governments to close schools, businesses and services across the globe.

The company is hoping to support local businesses during the crisis by providing free communications software, enabling employees to work seamlessly from home without interruption. The free business solution is available as of today. InnerDigital is also opening up the same solution for telehealth programs geared toward the medical industry.

“With the Covid-19 outbreak, there is an unprecedented need for teams to be able to work remotely. In an effort to assist companies transition to a remote workforce as smoothly and painlessly as possible, we are offering 6 months free of InnerDigital's Video Conferencing solution. We hope, with this small gesture, we are able to alleviate some of the financial burdens this virus is posing on businesses and on the economy at large.” announced Jonathan Price, CEO, InnerDigital.

The software includes features such as smartphone apps and a web app which allows users to make and receive calls, see the status of their colleagues, chat, schedule conferences and access the company phonebook, all from their mobile devices or laptop. 

Additionally, it includes access to video conferencing and collaboration tools for face-to-face virtual meetings. Companies looking to keep open a line of communication with their customers can do so with our Live Chat and Talk website plugin. All of this is integrated with the free software InnerDigital is offering. 

InnerDigital has set up a special page on its website for companies wishing to obtain a free license. This limited time offer will be valid until August and is available for the first 100 companies, with 5 or more employees, that  apply. 

For further information and to register for the free InnerDigital video conferencing software, please visit www.innerdigital.com/covid19

<![CDATA[InnerDigital Expands Technology Infrastructure for New Lowland Credit Union Facility.]]>Thu, 06 Feb 2020 15:08:15 GMThttps://www.innerdigital.com/blog/innerdigital-expands-managed-it-services-with-voip-phones-cyber-security-and-server-virtualization
Tennessee IT solutions provider experiences rapid
growth through a combination of one-time IT projects
and long-term IT support plans.
JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn.—Feb 10, 2020—InnerDigital, a Tennessee IT solutions provider with a national footprint, announced today that it is expanding its Managed IT Services portfolio with new offerings in phone systems, server virtualization and cybersecurity. The firm is renowned for outstanding service in both one-time technical projects as well as ongoing Information Technology service level agreements. InnerDigital has experienced rapid growth in recent years, surpassing the 300-client mark in 2019.

“Technology never stands still,” said Jonathan Price, CEO of InnerDigital and native of Morristown.“ As we work with clients, we combine a strategic outlook—what technology innovations are competitors using, for example—along with practical thinking on how to achieve objectives in ways that align with existing operational plans.” ​

InnerDigital offers clients a full spectrum of Managed IT Solutions. Solutions range from an overall responsibility for all IT infrastructure to specialized focus areas like firewall monitoring. A newly expanded service includes cybersecurity penetration testing.  An experienced team of engineers documents critical security gaps and provides remediation efforts based on a comprehensive analysis. As data breaches continue to rise on a global scale, pen testing provides an organization additional confidence in its ability to thwart cyber attacks.

The company’s recent work with the Lowland Credit Union (LCU) offers an example of a success story for Morristown-area IT services. InnerDigital served as the prime IT contractor on a complex build-out of the new LCU facility. According to Will McKinney, CFO of LCU, “Jonathan Price is a professional with a unique skill for helping individuals and organizations easily grasp and apply the most challenging of IT project concepts. Working with InnerDigital on the technical aspects of our new facility was an outstanding experience.”

LCU President Mark Creech further commented, “We turned to InnerDigital for their high-level of customer service, technical experience, and their deep knowledge of cybersecurity. InnerDigital offered LCU a tremendous value and we are pleased with the outcome of our project.”

InnerDigital is now offering a complimentary technology assessment and report package. An online form to request the assessment is available at https://www.innerdigital.com/contact.html.

Contact us Today! 865.292.0250 
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Managed IT services refers to when a company chooses to outsource the handling, management, and maintenance of their IT systems to a third party in order to make their operation smoother and more efficient. Many companies are adopting this approach and it seems the trend of utilizing managed IT services as a third party extension of one’s own organization or business is going to grow further in upcoming years, with a predicted growth rate of 12.5 percent between the years 2017 and 2020. 

Let’s look at a few reasons why more than half the companies operating in the modern world are outsourcing their IT handling and why you should think about doing so as well:

1. Cut down on your expenses
Managing IT systems is a complex task and requires staff that has been heavily trained and is ideally experienced in the field that they are required to operate or monitor. Not only that, but the costs associated with these IT systems can fluctuate quite a bit, thus denting your budget plans and often causing you to go overboard. Outsourcing IT, on the other hand, helps you to induce consistency into your systems in terms of quality as well as costs.

2. Leverage the expertise
Regardless of how qualified IT employee may be, the experience, collaboration, and potential that a team of highly experienced and professionally trained IT specialists brings is simply unparalleled. In exchange for a small subscription cost, you can tap into this experience and utilize it driving the growth of your business.

3. Stay on top and up to date
Ensuring you remain on top of your competition in your respective niche is keeping up with the latest technologies and integrating them within your IT systems to stay up to date and capable of providing the best service to your customers. Third parties providing managed IT services harbor all the technical training and knowledge needed to implement new technologies in order to support your business operations.

4. Strengthen the core
As business owner, there are multiple aspects of the business you must give your attention to if the business is to thrive. Managed IT services enable you to dedicate your time and efforts to developing business strategy and executing those strategies as opposed to developing and maintaining complicated IT systems.
5. Compete with the big guns
If you are a relatively smaller business, you may think that there is no way you can compete with the larger players in your industry, especially since you do not have enough capital to make significant investments. Outsourcing IT allows you to ‘borrow’ equipment that you may not have been able to afford otherwise and use it to drive the growth of your company.

6. No need to fret
By outsourcing IT operations, you essentially rid yourself of the need to worry about the security or compliance issues that may arise with your servers or other hardware. Most businesses have to comply to a standard that has been set by the relevant authorities and failure to meet them in any aspect of the business can lead to heavy fines which can bog down your progress. A managed IT service would take care of all of those problems for you by ensuring that your equipment is always secure and compliant with the rules and regulations.

Ready to learn more? Contact us for complementary Managed IT Services consultation. www.innerdigital.com (865) 292-0250
<![CDATA[WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA IN 2015]]>Wed, 14 Jan 2015 21:26:04 GMThttps://www.innerdigital.com/blog/-what-you-should-expect-from-social-media-in-2015
This year, BIG changes are expected afoot for the likes of Twitter, Facebook and others. With all these updates, it can be rather difficult to predict the future of social media. With that caveat in mind, here’s a look into the future at what we should expect from social media in 2015.

Videos are going to play a vital role in Social Media. Twitter is on the way to launch it's version of Video ads. Many people are expecting it to be similar to "Vine" but there's no official confirmation on this yet. On the other hand, Facebook is more focused on its newly launched Video Ads. By these moves, we can expect a year full of Videos!

Paid Media ­ All social Media sites especially Facebook is focusing on Paid Media rather than organic. So, if you need exposure of your business over Social Media platforms you have to emphasize on Paid Adverting campaign in your Marketing strategy.

Can’t Get Rid of Ads - As per Facebook's new algorithm, you will see more paid content on your timeline. Using 'Newsfeed Ads' by Facebook and 'Promoting Tweets' by Twitter, marketers can showcase their content to the specific targeting audiences.

World of Smart Phones ­ It’s a known trend that people are using mobile phones as part of their life. So Marketers are exploring the option of targeting people who are using smart phones. For instance, Facebook Ads has come up with a special targeting option only for Smartphone users.

Apps Integration - Almost all the Social Networking sites are providing the options to promote your mobile apps in front of your audience. Facebook and Twitter are providing special ad segment for App Advertising.

Ready to generate more business through social media or mobile apps? Contact us for a free consultation! 

Happy Socializing!!

<![CDATA[2014 SEO Survival Guide ]]>Fri, 17 Jan 2014 17:26:22 GMThttps://www.innerdigital.com/blog/survive-seo-in-2014Picture
Probably the most important question for SEO’s or Site Owners in 2014 would be – "Could my website survive a manual or algorithmic Google penalty?"

Over the past two years, as Google's Webmaster Spam team gets better at identifying tactics, we have seen the number and frequency of algorithmic updates and manual penalties increase. This only looks set to continue over the next couple of years.

So how can you adjust your tactics to get results without risking everything?

Here are some ideas for content, link building, technical, offline, local, social and mobile considerations to create an overall picture of what search engines see as a 'good' site and help you renovate your SEO strategy for 2014. Just to let you know, we have been working successfully and carrying out on most of these strategies since the last year. In fact we have already included them in our SEO deliverables as well.


Using content as the foundation of your SEO strategy is not a new concept, but the definition of "good" quality content is ever-changing. Although the Panda update punished sites with thin content, there still are sites which use such content to rank higher. It might help temporarily, but will definitely affect in the long run.

Good content:

·        Drives traffic through searches related to your industry
·        Builds authority in the eyes of users and search engines
·        Increases engagement with your brand on social media

So what can be termed as good content?

Content in 2014 will not be just limited to the pieces of text you will add to the website or blog. You will need to think outside of this and make sure to develop a range of different media like videos, presentations, whitepapers, infographics, how-to's etc. These become your assets and can be one of your best sources of links. Basically, you have to provide content which is useful to the end user.

Not to forget your site pages, you should be constantly improving your static assets (especially landing pages) to improve conversions and provide the best user experience. Engagement and conversion metrics are not just important to your bottom line, they're important to Google providing the best results.

Link Building

Link building is still the mainstay of how major search engines rank websites but the interpretation of link data has changed ever since the Penguin update was launched.

Bad link building is one of the easiest ways to get penalized, but good link building can be the hardest part of your job (even more so in certain niches).

So, what can be considered definitely as a bad link or a link that should be "disavowed"?
  • Site wide footer links / multiple links from same domain
  • Blogroll link
  • Forum posting / profile link
  • Free directory links
  • Links from same class C IPs
  • Links from spun content
  • Links to different industry websites from the same article / content
  • Links from link-farm directories / pages
  • Links from non-English sites (for example - .ru, .jp, .cn, etc.)

If you have fallen prey to this techniques earlier by some unethical vendors who claim to be experts, it is always advisable to get rid of such links either manually or disavowing the links via Google Webmaster Tools.

From our end, we have adopted the below techniques as far as building links is concerned.

Backlink Analysis - Balancing of followed links to nofollow to have a natural profile. Check backlinks and traffic of sites from which we are getting links to find and weed out sites which are themselves hit by this update.

Link Velocity - The first and most significant observation that stood out among sites which were affected by Penguin update was link velocity. We have reduced our link velocity since the update. Getting too many links quickly will be flagged easily by Google.  

Anchor Text Diversity – Continue to vary anchor text and lower the % of specific key terms focus. We have been doing this since 2012 and will continue to work the %’s.

Link Diversity – Sites performing well have good link diversity including links from Guest Blog Posts, info-graphics, videos, local business directories, presentations, coupons submissions etc. Since Google prefers a diversified link profile. We recommend getting links from these sources. Most of these sources are also now part of new deliverables.

Apart from this, to get quality links you can also consider link reclaiming. Link reclaiming is the act of finding sites that mention you, your brand or a related story and simply asking for a link.

There are a number of ways to find opportunities for link reclamation:

Web Mentions - Google Alerts is the most popular tool for monitoring mentions on the web, but Moz has also just released an alert function for their Fresh Web Explorer. Set up an alert for your brand name and when a site mentions you without linking send them an email.

Images - Use Google's Search by Image tool to find out where people are using your images and ask for a link credit, this works almost 100% of the time.

Videos - If you are hosting video on YouTube you can use their analytics platform to see where your videos are being watched on external sites. Visit those sites and ask for a link to your website to supplement the video.


Something that we have personally seen develop over the past two years is the influence of location on search results. Google are actively expanding the number of searches that trigger a local result as they understand which searches are relevant to a location.

You need to be clear about the locations your business really serves and try and make sure you don't look more local than you really are.

Schema is one way to show search engines where you are based and which areas you serve. Apart from this, you can also look at some local on-site changes like creating GEO based landing pages for each location you serve, optimizing your Google Places page by filling out as much information as you can and getting genuine reviews from your customers, implementing rich snippets and obviously altering the page titles and meta descriptions to feature the service and areas you serve.

Social Media

The final piece of the search puzzle is social. While there is still no direct link between social and ranking, search engines are increasingly adding social elements to search results.

Google uses Google+, Bing uses Facebook and both show reviews. Social proof is a great way to encourage searchers to click through to your site.

Social is also the best way to promote new content immediately to encourage shares, links and engagement.

We already have social media integration as a part of our deliverables. In addition, to improve social signals, instead of doing social bookmarking of the articles submitted we will be getting social signals to those articles which will include (either of) Facebook likes, Tweets or  Google+ Votes. Client participation is encouraged.

We hope this post has given you something to think about for 2014. Start planning your strategy for next year and get ahead of the competition.
<![CDATA[2014 tech marketing trends]]>Thu, 02 Jan 2014 17:52:00 GMThttps://www.innerdigital.com/blog/2014-tech-marketing-trendsPicture
Social Media allows small businesses to leverage technology to even the playing field with bigger brands and companies. In 2014, some of the trends we saw in 2013 will continue to rise while others will fall. But it all comes down to how you communicate with your customers, how you leverage relationships, and of course how you share GREAT content. Content is what businesses are built on today. It always has been and always will be.

So without further ado, here are 11 trends for 2014 and how you can get ready:

1. Mobile Is About To Go Mainstream
Every website needs to be optimized for mobile. This means having responsive design and thinking about how people interact with your business via mobile devices should be one of your top priorities. As a small business it's time to make the switch to a mobile site if you haven't yet, and think about ways that you can get in front of your customers through their phone. Yes, this include Mobile Apps, SMS, and emails that are designed to be viewed on your cellular phone.

2. Niche Sites / Landing Pages Will Make An Impact
As Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus make it harder to get found organically, niche sites are going to prove to be more valuable than ever to get in front of your customers. Not only are niche sites highly targeted, they can also provide a much more affordable solution for advertising.

3. Blogging Will Remain The #1 Way To Generate New Business
Creating great content on a regular basis and driving traffic back to your site is going to remain the number #1 way to generate new leads. This means as a small business, if you don't have a blog yet, it's time to start one. Let us handle it for you. We're the social and blogging pros. 

Authored by: Stephanie Frasco